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***** THIS BLOG HAS BEEN REPLACED IN 2012 ***** If you've come aross this blog site by accident, pop over to www.krystaguille.com for my current one *****

One lazy day in 2009, I decided to embark on a photo-a-day-for-a-year challenge. I set myself a goal to upload a different photo every day - some are of my gorgeous clients, some are of my ever obliging family and friends.

Well, I reached the end of the challenge year, and while I didn't quite succeed at a photo-a-day, this blog became part of my weekly routine.

And so I continue...at a new location.


Mar 15, 2010

Outdoor room...

This little cutie is a lucky girl - she is growing up amongst the most stunning garden, & she is loving very minute!  But man, her mum has a big job  - as a non-gardener myself, I am in awe of her!

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