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One lazy day in 2009, I decided to embark on a photo-a-day-for-a-year challenge. I set myself a goal to upload a different photo every day - some are of my gorgeous clients, some are of my ever obliging family and friends.

Well, I reached the end of the challenge year, and while I didn't quite succeed at a photo-a-day, this blog became part of my weekly routine.

And so I continue...at a new location.


Feb 28, 2011

Justine + Ian {engagement}

I am a little nutty about dogs... & so are this couple so we bonded immediately!  

On Friday, we got together an engagement portrait session.   I always encourage my wedding clients to have an engagement shoot because it's the perfect opportunity for us to get to know each other, to warm up in front of the camera, & get some great shots to use on a save-the-date card or a wedding day guest-book which I can design.

Next stop for these two is Busselton for their wedding in April.  Looking forward to it!

Feb 20, 2011

Sneak Peek; Esperance Wedding

Just back from Esperance... stunning spot for a beach wedding! I look forward to sharing some of the breath-taking location later but I'm off for a nanna-nap! (Oh, and wait until you see the Bride's dress! Its something else!)

Feb 18, 2011

Feb 15, 2011

Sneak peek; Greens Pool, Denmark

I LOVE it when a bride makes her wedding truly about what makes her (& him) happy ... not about what they saw in a magazine, or what someone else suggested they do or wear!  

Casey's bridesmaids tell me she is a true beach-babe & her wedding day was a true reflection of this.  The colour scheme screamed "summer" with the bridesmaids dressed in a striking turquoise (the colour of our Southern Coast bays) & carrying parasols, & their hair was perfect in a relaxed summery style.  

Casey glowed in the late afternoon sun at Greens Pool.... and Trevor melted just watching her! How could he not?

Feb 14, 2011

Businesses I Adore ... Michelle Dayman Events

This is Michelle.

They say there are two sorts of people; the talkers & the do-ers.  Michelle is a do-er!  In fact I sometime wonder how she does so much! 

Michelle has taken her years of experience behind the scenes at weddings & recently launched her own wedding coordinator business.  And if I was a bride, I would be considering myself very lucky to have Michelle by my side. Full disclosure - I've had Michelle by my side working on various projects over the years, so I'm speaking from experience.  But check out this blog post, where I let Michelle speak for herself!
So, tell us a little bit about Michelle Dayman Events?
MDE is my newest challenge, love and addiction over and above my day to day role in Events at the City of Albany.
It has always been a dream to run my own weddings and events company and Michelle Dayman Events sees the realisation of this.  The tag-line Events.Weddings.Occasions sums up the services I can offer; exquisitely planned weddings, corporate events and launches, and beautiful commemorative celebrations.
Michelle Dayman Events offers services as simple as a consultation to provide you with the checklists, contacts, unique ideas and handy hints you need to get you on your way, right up to a full coordination of your wedding or event, with you at every step so that you are free to relax, enjoy and make the most of your special moments.

MDE will also be staging unique stand alone events throughout the year to shake things up a little, and provide Albany residents with another reason to dress up to the nines, enjoy a social night out, or experience something a little different to the norm.  Watch this space... 

What 5 words best describe your working style?
champagne-service - innovative - vibrant - energetic - passionate
What one tip would you give any bride planning the catering for the big day?
In my experience (over 100 weddings worked & counting) the most beautiful brides are the ones that are free of the burden of having to check up on various elements that need to fall into place and simply enjoying every moment of the day.  There are always plenty of people on hand and willing to help you to make your day perfect- so give every willing hand a task to take care of, then all you have to do on the day is enjoy the magic!
Or even better, allow Michelle Dayman Events to take care of everything intricate detail...
You often have several events on the go at the same time.  Where do you get you passion and energy?
The saying goes “if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life”... and I adore what I do!! So while every event involves a whirlwind of late nights, a million lists written and flashes of inspiration at the strangest times (a la 2am)- at the end of it all there is the reward of knowing that the event you have done has been a success, enriched lives or created beautiful memories.  I am a sucker for a deadline and can be a pocket rocket when faced with a mammoth workload- exhilarating!!
Any dreams for the future of MDE that you can share?
From little things, big things grow!!
In the next 12-18 months I will be striving to turn Michelle Dayman Events into a full time business as well as set up a beautiful consultation lounge and work space for me and my clients.  So MDE is a work in progress - eventually I plan to expand to event decor provision, wedding celebrancy & even weddings abroad.
How can our readers find out more about MDE? 
For further information on what I can offer you, your family or business you can visit my brand new website www.michelledaymanevents.com.au, follow me on Facebook at Michelle Dayman Events or email michelle@michelledaymanevents.com.au

Feb 12, 2011

Sweet love...

I should wait until I have all of this wedding edited before I post more of this couple but there is something about the contentment on their faces that makes me want to share straight away!

Feb 11, 2011

Jane + Jacko, 29 January, 2011 {wedding}

We were all checking the weather charts.  Bianca had indicated she might head down our way for Jacko & Jane's wedding day.  Without an invitation - what bad manners!

Bianca was just teasing , and instead, the 29th of January was a beautiful day with rain arriving only after the Bride & Groom had arrived at Carlyes Reception Centre.

What a fun wedding! Lots & lots of laughs with this crew.  Thanks again to my brother, Ben Reynolds,  for second-shooting. Hope you enjoy this slideshow...

Feb 10, 2011

Hot House Flowers...

The wait is over! 

The eagerly anticipated arrival of the flowers - all the way from Africa! 

And, yes, they are every bit as beautiful as the Bride had dreamed. Hot House Flowers does it again!

Feb 7, 2011

Businesses I Adore ... Sharp Infusion

Meet Daniel.  

He's destined for big things - so remember, when he's famous, you read it here first!  

Daniel has a talent for creating mind-blowing-top-notch-nosh.  I caught up with him just before he kicked off an Italian Infusion cooking class last week (hence the roma tomatoes - thanks Nilla!) & this is what he had to say about wedding catering.

So, Daniel, tell us a little bit about Sharp Infusion fine catering.
 Sharp Infusion fine catering began just over two years ago. I started the business with the aim in mind of bringing together passion, local produce and creativity into the homes of my clients, specialising in fine dining dinner and cocktail parties.

The demand that shortly followed, was for weddings etc, so now, I cater pretty much anything that involves food.

Custom menus for every event, ensure that the Host/Hostess/Bride, whoever it may be, is given exactly what they want, every-time. Sharp Infusion wedding catering has become a huge success, and its just so much fun being involved in creating an experience that will be raved about!

What inspires your creations?
I’m a creative person. Dishes and ideas about food just pop into my head while I’m doing the shopping. Stumbling across a fantastic ingredient at the market place, fresh crab or fresh raspberries for example, really gets me excited, and before you know it, a new dish is born! It all comes from experience I guess.

What 5 words best describe your style?
 imaginative – creative – fresh – vibrant - local

What one tip would you give any bride planning the catering for the big day?
This is YOUR day. I mean, really, it’s not about anyone else, its about a celebration of your new future.  So make it YOUR wedding.  Get the colours you want, get the candles you want, have the food you want, create the atmosphere that YOU want.

Any dreams for the future of Sharp Infusion that you can share? 
There will be a TV show eventually.  Watch this business expand Australia wide over the next few years!

How can our readers find out more about Sharp infusion?
We are expanding our online business rapidly, as this provides everyone with access to any information they require. Sharp Infusion fine catering also has a facebook page, which is linked in with my Blog and online shopping centre. For the latest updates and events, information is posted to my website blog, www.sharpinfusion.com.au/blog

Sharp Infusion is a major sponsor of the Midsummer Nights Ball to be held at the new Albany Entertainment Centre!  The Albany Community has joined forces to hold a most regal affair  - a black tie benefit for those Australian’s affected by the WA, Queensland and Victorian Floods. Come along & take part in bidding for a  Sharp Infusion private 6 course dinner for 4 people, valued at $700.00! 

Sneak Peek; Saturday's wedding at The Rocks...

There's something about The Rocks that adds the fairytale touch to a wedding.  Here's just a sneak peek of Saturday's beautiful bride wiggling into her magnificent fairytale dress...

Feb 4, 2011

Aimee + Greg, 22 January 2011 {wedding}

Appreciative.  That's the word that springs to mind when I think of this beautiful bride.

Aimee was married to Greg at the very unique & exclusive Maitraya Private Retreat.  And Amy took nothing for granted.  She lapped it all up with such infectious delight, constantly telling everyone who played their part just how grateful she was.  She was an absolute joy to be around.  Thank you for letting me part of it all, Aimee + Greg xxx
Its really no wonder the bride and bridesmaid were so stunnng - check out this knock out mum...
 ... while the father-of-the-bride & brother did manly things with big knives.
I've said it before... its always the father-daughter thing that my eyes fog up for! This wedding was no exception.

Another teary moment... when Greg + Aimee arrived back at the Maitraya after some photos, Master A raced up for big hugs ... "Mummy, I'm so proud of you"  Sniff!
For more on this beautiful day, have a squiz at the slideshow...

Feb 2, 2011

Albany Entertainment Centre...

We've got a striking new entertainment centre on the Albany waterfront overlooking Princess Royal Harbour.    What a great location for some fun family portraits, and the Favas family were willing participants!

Feb 1, 2011

Body guards...

I LOVE this photo - one of my favourites from last weekend's wedding! 

This is gorgeous Maria, who was a bridesmaid for her "big sis" along with her three other sisters.   These four blokes, who are the partners of her sisters, took upon themselves to have a photo with her so that she didn't feel left out of the "couples-pics".  Pretty special, don't you think?  I was impressed.

So, let that be a warning... Maria may be single but she has four protective sisters & four over-protective brothers-in-laws!