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One lazy day in 2009, I decided to embark on a photo-a-day-for-a-year challenge. I set myself a goal to upload a different photo every day - some are of my gorgeous clients, some are of my ever obliging family and friends.

Well, I reached the end of the challenge year, and while I didn't quite succeed at a photo-a-day, this blog became part of my weekly routine.

And so I continue...at a new location.


Aug 31, 2012

Sophie + Alan, Middleton Beach Sneak Peek... {engagement}

We had to run for cover about 2 seconds after this series of pics were taken - it PELTED down - but it was SO worth it!    The light before the storm - it really is a photographer's best friend :)

Aug 30, 2012

Cassey + Sean, Albany Sneak Peek... {engagement}

What a gorgeous evening in Albany! Even the whales are excited about it - doing back-flips! 

The perfect evening for Cassey + Sean's engagement session.

Aug 24, 2012

Hannah + Jamie, 25 February, 2012, Denmark... {wedding}

As a Wedding Photographer, I don't think there's any greater honour than being asked to photograph the wedding of another Wedding Photographer.  In fact, Hannah Dlugi (nee Luscombe) knows now that I was a little terrified at the prospect when I took their engagement portraits (see here).  But they were SO much fun to spend time with that I was really looking forward to the wedding!  And I wasn't disappointed.

In fact, I am truly grateful that Hannah IS a photographer because her reaction to the rainy weather was one that only a photographer would have - what AWESOME weather for photos! 

I know Jamie + Hannah are in for a very happy life together - they both have a "glass-half-full" attitude to life as you can see from their wedding day.  Here's the story of their day in their words and my photos....

Wedding location?
We chose Denmark for it’s beautiful natural environment, as we wanted an outdoor wedding. In particular we wanted a grassed area that was surrounded by tall majestic Karri’s. In the end we chose Denmark Waterfront, which was perfect… just by the inlet. It was also fantastic because most of our guests booked in there for the night too.

Theme & why?
We didn’t really have a “theme” more just a recycled nature feel with our love for birds thrown in there!  We collected old recycled glass blue bottles, branches, everlasting flowers and some hakea pods… I did a lot of DIY including making soaps with my mother-in-law for guest gifts and seeded recycled paper with a bridesmaid for placecards. Our colours were each of our favourites…green and blue. 

Your dress?
My dress was from Brides Selection in Perth. It’s from the 2011 Pronovias “White One” Collection. The mermaid cut felt so beautiful and whilst it wasn’t at first what I was looking for, once I tried it on I couldn’t imagine myself in anything else! Jewellery was all my “something borrowed” from my beautiful friend Sam, who wore the same pearls on her wedding day. Shoes were from Wanted shoes in Sydney, a jewelled gold peep toe flat. I also had a feathered flower hair piece from Lo Bohemie, that was sent by a close friend who was overseas at the time and couldn’t get back for the day – I was so touched.

Hair & Makeup?
My makeup was by the very talented Lauren Poultney from Girl Next Door ( who also happens to be my cousin) Hair by Jenna McCracken, a lovely lady I went to school with.

I guess you can say was me! A collection of Banksia Baxteri from my Dad’s property, Hakea pods, and Everlastings from Lucinda’s Everlastings in Kojonup. I wanted bouquets that were native, meaningful and unique and I think I succeeded there! I also made the wrist corsages and buttonholes.

Special Touches?
Our wedding rings. Each of our parents donated a piece of gold jewellery from something old or broken and they were melted into our two wedding bands to symbolise the joining of two families. 

Did everything go to plan?

Ahhhh…no. It rained. 

We thought having a February wedding would surely guarantee us a sunny day. We got a sunny morning but that was it. As the time neared for me to walk down the aisle it started to rain. As we had our hearts set on being married outdoors we decided to go ahead rain and all. So all our guests borrowed and bought umbrellas and soon enough we had a little intimate umbrella ceremony complete with 2 white ones for us! It didn’t bother us at all…the rain itself was beautiful, the little birds were out chirping and playing in the rain and when I walked down the aisle I didn’t even notice it.

Memorable moment?
Brides: My most memorable moment was definitely once I’d walked down the aisle and I saw the way Jamie looked at me. It was a look I’ll never forget and in that moment I had never felt so beautiful or so loved. 
Grooms: When I first saw Hannah walking down the aisle. She was an 11 out of 10.

Your celebrant?
Leith Maddock.. a fantastic celebrant who was just us! After seeing her in one of my client’s weddings I had to have her. 

Favourite photo & why?
You can’t ask a fellow photographer this question!! It’s too hard to choose. Jamie said his is the one of us kissing at the end of the ceremony and I can almost agree. It depicts our beautiful surroundings (the umbrellas!) and how happy we are. I don’t usually like kissing photos but this one I love. My other favourite would have to be from the road surrounded by karris…the ones just of us…being us.

The party/reception?
Our reception was held at the stunning Southern End Restaurant in Denmark, high up on the hill with stunning views.

We went on a little camping-moon the day after the wedding with our dogs to a little isolated spot on the Blackwood River near Nannup for a few days just to escape the world before we went back to work and that was fantastic. Our real honeymoon was a couple of months later ( as we didn’t want to go in US winter) and we went to Canada, Vegas, New York and then spent 10 days travelling around Alaska in an RV (our dream!!) and then a 7 day cruise down the inner aisle of Alaska. All up we were away for a month - truly a trip of a lifetime.

Hannah + Jamie 

My special thanks to Ann (pictured here hiding from the rain) for helping me shoot Hannah + Jamie's big day.

Enjoy more from this day in Hannah + Jamie's slideshow below.

Aug 22, 2012

Carrie + Doug, Lights Beach, Denmark.... {Engagement Session}


My car was telling me it was just 2 degrees as I drove over to Denmark at the crack of dawn to meet Doug and Carrie at the beach.  But it was worth it!  And I was THRILLED that Carrie was brave enough to wear this beautiful dress that Doug had chosen for her, even if she was a little chilly!  Although Carrie is used to the cooler climes being a UK native.

Doug and Carrie will be married later this year when Carrie's family fly in from the UK. They are going to LOVE Forest Hill Vineyard!