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One lazy day in 2009, I decided to embark on a photo-a-day-for-a-year challenge. I set myself a goal to upload a different photo every day - some are of my gorgeous clients, some are of my ever obliging family and friends.

Well, I reached the end of the challenge year, and while I didn't quite succeed at a photo-a-day, this blog became part of my weekly routine.

And so I continue...at a new location.


Nov 30, 2010

The Business of Knitting...

There are so many very talented people in Albany, and I am very fortunate to get to meet some of them in this job.

Leanne Prouse is one of them.  Leanne is the creator of the Ella Rae brand of yarn as well as hundreds of original designs for knitters of all skill levels.  Leanne's books are  especially popular in The States where she has quite a following!

Over the last month, we've been capturing some of these designs for a new book that another creative talent, Sheryl Stephens, is designing with Leanne.  Here's a few of the photos with our gorgeous models...

If you're looking for a gorgeous Christmas gift for a knitter in your family, Leanne's latest book Knitting at Home features 30 of her most popular patterns, along with 30 brand-new projects for every corner of the house.  Projects include cushions, bags, slippers, blankets, children's clothes, tote bags and more.

Nov 29, 2010

Businesses I Adore ... The Rocks Albany

Meet Noelene.  Noelene is the face behind one of Albany's most prestigious wedding venues, The Rocks Albany.  Built in 1882, The Rocks was once the vice regal residence of WA's governors.  With  seeping view, manicured gardens & immaculate heritage interiors, The Rocks is really a bit special, so its not hard to see why its a dream wedding venue.  I had a chat with Noelene about  weddings at The Rocks.

Tell us a little bit about "The Rocks" as a wedding venue and honeymoon destination?
The Rocks Albany is the only 5 star heritage accommodation in Western Australia so is a unique accommodation and function venue. Situated on 2 acres in the heart of Albany and with unobstructed views of Princess Royal Harbour, this nationally heritage listed property will suit almost any occasion.

You've seen a lot of weddings at "The Rocks". What has been your most unusual "wedding moment"? 

My favourite moment was a wedding on April fool’s Day a few years ago…it BUCKETED down with rain and as the sun managed to poke its way through the clouds, the photographer raced the wedding party into the parterre garden and took the most gorgeous photo from the verandah looking down on them with the sun shimmering in the water on the pavement…absolutely stunning.
Unusual..hmm…that’s a hard one…I guess having a witches and warlocks theme is probably the most unusual wedding I’ve had!

Noticed any wedding makeup trends lately?
Can’t say I’ve noticed actually - I’m usually too busy making sure everyone has what they need before leaving the building!

What 5 words best describe your service philosophy? 
relaxed - sincere - “no problems” attitude - welcoming - available

What one tip would you give any readers who are planning a wedding? 
Relax, it will all be perfect on the day!

Any dreams for the future of The Rocks that you can share? 
I’d love for people to come to Albany just to stay with us, and then of course enjoy ALL that this amazing place has to offer!

How can our readers find out more about The Rocks?  
Website; www.therocksalbany.com.au And we’ll be on facebook VERY soon! Or call me on 08 9842 5969.

Nov 26, 2010


OK, so we don't have a "Thanksgiving" holiday here in Australia but I've set the table anyway (albeit a day late) for an Thanksgiving Lunch.

I'm giving thanks to some wonderful women in my life who have helped me though my first year in business.  I'm so lucky.

See you in an hour, girls! 


Friday's Family Photo Tip No.5

Quick Tip Number 5 - Background Work

To really let your subject pop out in your photo, try to eliminate any distractions in the background. Simplify as much as you can by changing the angle you take your shot. Taking the shot from the ground or looking directly down may eliminate enough background to show off your little person without distraction.

Especially remember to check the outer edges - don't let something distracting on the fringes take your viewers' eyes away from your intended subject.

Nov 23, 2010

Dogs Make Me Smile...

I think its because "Rossie" has similar facial expressions to my "Ruby" that I've been grinning as I edit this family portrait session.  And she was just what was needed to bring smiles to the faces of this family.

When the mother of these teens contacted me about getting some photos taken, she warned me that the kids had been toddlers when she last had professional photos taken of them.  And lets face it, teenagers generally are not jumping at he chance of being in front of the lens. So, Rossie provided a perfect distraction for them.  Needless to say, there are a LOT of out-takes because Hungarian Ziszlas are not generally in the habit of sitting quietly on the sideline. Here are a few...
But Rossie provided a nice ice-breaker and we got there in the end.  Here are some "Rossie-free" photos, but still lots of fun!
What a couple of "lookers"! (Is that word uncool??)

Nov 22, 2010

Businesses I Adore... Kookas Catering

Kookas is really more of an "Albany Institution" than just a business so I probably don't need to introduce these two.  Jo and Ian MacInnes have been in the "good food" game since before some of their brides were even born (whoops sorry guys - didn't mean to rub it in!)

Kooka's has been around so long in Albany that you  are known most of the locals... but for those from out of town, tell us a little bit about Kookas...
After marrying in Scotland in 1988 and moving back to Australia, we spent the next 3 years catering in the Goldfields. We came back to Albany in 1992 , firstly as owner operators of the Iconic Kookas Restaurant and for the past 7 years as Kookas Catering. Our aim is to provide a personalised service, tailored to the individual needs of our clients. Specialising in Weddings and large corporate events, we know what goes into managing catered events and can assist from start to finish.

You guys work long and hard to keep Kookas ticking along. How do you get you energy and inspiration?
We always strive to do our best everyday as there is always something new in the food industry, plus we still love what we do.

What trends have you noticed lately in the way of wedding catering?
Formal weddings are still popular but couples are being more creative with their venue choices and making their wedding unique. Less formal “cocktail style” weddings, often with noodle boxes are being frequently chosen.

What 5 words best describe your service philosophy?
Always pay attention to detail.

What one tip would you give any readers who are planning a wedding?
Secure your venue, caterer and photographer as soon as you can!

Any dreams for the future of Kookas that you can share?
To dine at the world’s finest restaurants, come back with new ideas and share the experience.

How can our readers find out more about Kooka’s Catering?
We can be found at kookascatering.com.au or we can be contacted on 98 447884 or 0417 995 096 to discuss details or to arrange an appointment to meet with us and help us to design your perfect menu.

Nov 19, 2010

Friday's Family Photo Tip No.4

Tip number 4 - Show Some Emotion

Today's quick tip is super quick - I'm about to drive ot Perth for a river-side wedding (complete with a French groom) in summery weather - can't wait!  So I beg your forgiveness for any typos today...

Today's tip is "show some emotion". When we take a photos of family member, we try to capture "them" - but that's not just the way they look -we also look for a bit of personality - some life - some connection - some emotion!

I've found that three & four-year-olds are especially into  the big cheesy smiles for the camera if they spot it.  So try to disappear, and perhaps look over the shoulder of another family member to catch that authentic moment.

The best way you can do that is if you are connected emotionally to the moment yourself!

Nov 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Blog...

My blog is 12 months old today!

Is it too early in the day to open this bottle that a very generous client gave me last week?

"If you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life."

Nov 17, 2010

Felicity + Stephen, 30 October, 2010 {wedding}

Photos & Slide Show

They both grew up on farms... and so did I so maybe that's why I loved every minute of this "country" wedding.  Felicity and Stephen had planned to have fun, with style - and they clearly acheived that! 

There are not many moments that beat the intimacy of the proud Father-of-the-Bride's first sight of his little girl... I was in tears.  And I was not the only one!
My brother, Ben, was there to capture the farmer-lads getting ready at Coraki Cottages. Quite a dapper bunch.

Felicity and Stephen were married in Felicity's parents garden, which is not just any old garden - this one features is Australia's Open Garden Scheme

I always notice that when people travel from far field for a wedding, the event becomes a weekend celebration rather than just a day.  And this wedding had that celebration feeling! 

I was completely blown away by the range of photo opportunities we had at Wignalls Winery.  The stunning trees, hay bales, vines, rock-walls - I didn't want it to come to an end.   

The bridal party started the party as they meant to go on...  fabulous dance entrance!

Congratulations Flick and Stephen.  It was truly such a pleasure to spend the day with you.  You're a fantastic couple!

If you'd like to see more of Felicity + Stephen's wedding, have a look at the slideshow.

Nov 15, 2010

Businesses I Adore... Albany Party Hire

One of the biggest decisions to make when planning a wedding is obviously where to hold your event.   With no shortage of scenery here in Albany, marquees are a popular choice because of the flexibility they offer. Beach view, vineyard setting, farm location... or maybe all of the above?? 

Meet Jodie and Lee, the new faces behind Albany Party Hire, which offers much than just marquees for wedding planners.   There couldn't be a couple better suited to this industry than these two.  Lee worked for a party-hire business way back when he was a uni student, and loved it so much that he and Jodie took over Albany Party Hire earlier this year.  Jodie is the very talented foodie behind the "Champion Chef" dinner party game and Champion Chef catering.  She also has a great sense of style so, brides, you're in safe hands!

They both can party.  I know - I've seen them!   I recently had a chat to them in amongst the chaos of "show week".

What drew you both to this business? 
We like parties

Describe a typical wedding for Albany Part Hire. 
Every wedding is unique at Albany Party Hire

Noticed any wedding trends from your booking? 
White folding resin chairs
(Note from Krysta - I also spotted some very groovy goldfish bowls for hire in their office - imagine them on a bridal table!)

What 5 words best describe your service philosophy?
thorough - timely - professional - fun - personal

What one tip would you give any readers who are planning a wedding?
Make it the most memorable day of your life

Any dreams for the future of Albany Part Hire that you can share? 
Its a secret!

What is the memorable moment from your own wedding?
 Smoking a cigarette in my gown at the end of the night at a Fremantle nightclub  - don't publish
this!   ("Whoops" - Krysta)

How can our readers find out more about Albany Party Hire?
Drop in! Website, Facebook, Gateway
Albany Party Hire is located at  3 Graham St, Albany

Nov 14, 2010

A Snapshot at One Year...

They say "variety is the spice of life" and I think they might be on to something.

When I did my initial research before launching my business, the industry legends all said I must specialise in one field - make that one area my subject of expertise.

The experts aren't the only ones on my conscious.  I  had studied & worked in the world of marketing for more than 20 years before "re-discovering" photography, and my marketing-inner-voice has also  been screaming "Specialise Krysta!".

So, here I am, 12 months down the track - time to make a decision - where shall I specialise?

Should it be Family Portraits?
As a mum, I get a real buzz from trying to trap the personality of a family in an image. The busy toddler - the shy teenager - the joke-telling father - the itsy-bitsy-tiny baby with itsy-bitsy-tiny toes - the super-proud mum who booked the shoot because she knows this moment will be over tomorrow.   I feel I can create something that is truly meaningful & precious for these families  - this is what I'll specialise in!

Maybe Weddings? 
The amazing feel-good high I get from spending a magical day with a bride & groom, when their happy-hormones are surging through their beautifully polished & shiny selves.. not to mention that LOVE and nervous excitement in the air.  Yes please,  I'll specialise in weddings!

But what about Commercial Shoots?
It is just about impossible for me to remove myself from my previous career... and I don't want to! Marketing is in my blood! When a local business needs a new website or brochure, or is looking for some media exposure,  I bring that marketing-soaked-blood along with my camera-kit. I love to be thinking target-markets, brand image, unique selling propositions, etc etc ... It fun!  It's what I studied.  That's where am destined  to specialise!

Mmm... no closer to solving the specialty problem...

The reality is that when I look back at the last ten days, I've shot a corporate function, an engaged couple, a grown-up family, a model for a knitting catalogue and a tourism business for a website.

Tomorrow I'm shooting for a feature article in The West Australian. And in between these shoots, I've been chatting with my lovely brides-to-be; sharing in their anticipation.


No way!!!!!  I'm having too much fun!

Nov 12, 2010

Friday's Family Photo Tip No.3

Tip number 3 - bring several props/diversions.

Kids have a short attention span and will quickly become frustrated with posing/smiling for too long.   I suggest having a few things for them to play.  This will add variety to the images, and more importantly,  you'll have a much happier child to work with, as you can see from Tyler's face - concentrating on those bubbles. 

Here's some suggestions... apples and other bright fruit look great in photos (but make sure you choose  ones that are not too messy).  Then toys (ones they haven't seen for a while) and even kitchen utensils... be creative!  When you're close to finishing up,  bring out the messier distractions like lollipops or cupcakes - but save them to the end or you'll be in for a wardorbe change...and possibly a bath!  

Nov 11, 2010

Perfectly Matched...

I'll be sharing more from this stunning wedding next week but here's a taster... aren't they just the prefect match!

Gift vouchers...

With Christmas fast approaching, I'm starting to get a few enquiries about gift vouchers.  

I must say, I am very impressed that you are all so organised. 

Yes! I do have gift vouchers read to go.  And won't find a more personal gift to give than a family portrait session!

Nov 9, 2010

The Village Hub...

There's a village feeling about Middleton Beach. You see the same faces down  at the beach at 6am every morning.  Everyone greets each other with a friendly wave, and usually knows their name.  The pace is slightly slower than in town.  There's a sense of community.

And every village has a central meeting place.  At Middleton Beach, that place is Bay Merchants

I've just finished a fun shoot for Bay Merchants' soon-to-be-released new website, being developed by Claire Hanson of Hanson Executive Management.  Claire is fairly new to Albany and brings with her some fantastic media experience, having spent 4 years as Editor-In-Chief of magazines such as "Singapore Tatler".  

I can't wait to see the website!!  But in the meantime, here's a sneak-peek of the shoot...