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One lazy day in 2009, I decided to embark on a photo-a-day-for-a-year challenge. I set myself a goal to upload a different photo every day - some are of my gorgeous clients, some are of my ever obliging family and friends.

Well, I reached the end of the challenge year, and while I didn't quite succeed at a photo-a-day, this blog became part of my weekly routine.

And so I continue...at a new location.


Mar 31, 2011

The Natural Gloss Boss {media}

In case you missed the news, Kylie Apostoles, founder of Morgan Annie All-Natural Beauty,  recently won honours in Nature and Health magazine’s recent annual beauty awards.  And The Sunday Times covered the story both in the paper, and on Perth Now.

Before I put away the files of the photos used in the stories, I thought I'd post this last one because its the one I thought they'd use, but they didn't.  You never can tell...

Mar 30, 2011

Above the Bay {media}

Want this house?

You can have it!

Keiron Benson is a clever chap when it comes to building design (I know because he designed my parents home).  And his own house is now on the market.  Take a tour... 

These pics were taken at the end of last year for The West Australian, for a feature written by our very own Denise Smithson. The house is located on Hare Street, Mt Clarence, Albany.

Tummy kissing {family portrait}

That tummy is just BEGGING for a kissing...

L. O. V. E. {wedding}

Mar 29, 2011

Emma + Kerrin, 8 March, 2011 {elopement}

When Emma contacted me, I was sooooo excited to be shooting my very first elopement.  I did the chicken-dance in my head.  

But it got even better.  She later told me that they were going to be themed to the 1920's.  Ah!   Heaven to my ears!  

This gorgeous couple were married on a stunning, still evening at the tucked away William Bay Cottages.  (Check them out - I want to stay there myself, now!!)

Thank you Kerrin + Emma!  Sooo much fun!

Mar 21, 2011

Sneak peek; Wignalls Winery {wedding}

The rain stopped.  The clouds cleared.  The sun shone.

And Tenele + Toby grinned like the happiest couple on earth!

More from this deliriously happy wedding soon...

Mar 16, 2011

Connected {family portrait}

Like me, Stacey knows her days with her beautiful pooch are numbered.  That's why this one stood out for me from a family shoot on Monday afternoon.

Mar 15, 2011

Mummy + Me Mini-Session...

Do your photos albums look like mine?  Is it as though you were never even on that family holiday, or at that family gathering?

Here's a mother's day treat idea for mums like me!   Time to end the "always-behind-the-camera-never-in-front-of-the-camera" blues & have some pics with your babies (because, lets face it, they are your babies no matter how old they are!

Time to drop some hints to the kids... or hubby!

The mini-sessions are suitable for one adult with kids.  Vouchers are also available for regular family portrait sessions as Mothers Day gifts if you'd prefer some with the whole family. 

Getting into Paperartzi'11...

Every two years, Albany is treated to a very unique event - Paperartzi.  Paperartzi is about contemporary art which uses paper as an ingredient or inspiration.

If you haven't had a good look at the fabulous exhibitions that are part of Paperartzi'11, then make sure you do this week before it all over - March 20th is the last day.  Shopfronts, cafes & outdoor spaces in Albany’s CBD are filled with amazing paper creations, & more exhibitions are showing in the Albany Town Hall &Vancouver Arts Centre.  Here are some of the highlights for me so far...

On the long weekend, Albany was alive with to some paper-suited street performers as part of the Paperartzi event. 
Sue Codee's beautiful paper-cut creation - "Miss Melville and Mrs Clarence" is displayed in Ricarda's window.
Kerrie Argent is currently working her way through that pile of paper you can see in the background - making her own paper (with some help from visiting school groups this week).
Beth Kirkland explored the mark-making possibilities of honey & spices in a live action drawing performance in the laneway next to Southern Sound, York Street over the long weekend.
Jillian Green's Paper Chant is displayed in the Classical Music Shop window.
Paperartzi'11 coordinator Annette Davis hard at work in the Albany Town Hall.
Indra Geidans' template "From cloth to rag" is in the window of The Singing Tree.
This amazing creation, "Nature's Lace" is by Tania Spencer and can be found in the Town Hall.

The organiser of the event, NewArts(Inc), is a not-for-profit group comprising artists and arts supporters in the Albany area. Its vision is “To promote and encourage the exposure and accessibility of contemporary art to the community of Albany and the Great Southern Region.”

Artists this year have included: Kerri Argent (Lake Grace), Sue Codee (Albany), Ann Copeman (Albany), Jenny Crisp (Albany), Peta Davies (Albany), Victoria Eyre (Albany), Indra Geidans (Torbay), Jillian Green (Kentdale), Beth Kirkland (Albany), Bo Laidler (Albany), Judith Lambert (Albany), Margaret Sanders (South Australia), Helen Seivers (Capel), Marina Troitsky (Busselton), Tania Spencer (Lake Grace), Holly Story (Perth), Kati Thamo (Albany) and Trish Ware (Albany).

Mar 11, 2011

Emma + Ramon, 5th February 2011 {wedding}

There was such a stong focus of "family" all the way through Emma + Ray's wedding day.  It was very clear that the marriage of these two was a true union of two adoring & supportive families - and I have no doubt Ray & Emma are following in the footsteps of their role models.  What great parents they will make ... some day?

At one stage during the reception, I couldn't spot the Bride.  Turns out she was outside playing hide-and-seek with the kids! Now, that had to be a first! (And the Groom was definitely the "King of the Kids" too!)

So much time, love and attention went into the preparation of this wedding - it was as perfect as Emma & Ray had dreamed! With such a stunning couple, incredible venues and genuine love surrounding this couple - it was an absolute delight to be part of this day.  Thank you Emma, Ray & your families.

Thanks also to Ben Reynolds for his assistance once again.