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One lazy day in 2009, I decided to embark on a photo-a-day-for-a-year challenge. I set myself a goal to upload a different photo every day - some are of my gorgeous clients, some are of my ever obliging family and friends.

Well, I reached the end of the challenge year, and while I didn't quite succeed at a photo-a-day, this blog became part of my weekly routine.

And so I continue...at a new location.


Jan 31, 2011

Businesses I Adore ... tahli by design

Meet Tahli. Tahli is in the business of bling! She make unique handcrafted jewellery. I had a chat to her about wedding jewels...

Tell me a little bit about tahli by design...

I love being creative. I don’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t making something but it wasn’t until my wedding in 2004 that I made my first necklace.

I loved the idea of a vintage theme, 1920’s, the feathers and pearls, the glitz and glamour it was all about elegance and style. I had an image in my head of how I wanted to look all I needed was the perfect accessories but I couldn’t find what I wanted so I decided to make my own. I ended up creating everything for our wedding and discovered my passion for making jewellery. 

I am a fan of recycling and I love making custom made pieces, in fact it’s pretty much how I started out, friends would give me pieces of old broken jewellery and I would recreate, restyle and revamp them in to something new and exciting. This has led to me incorporating vintage pieces as well as fabrics, buttons and really whatever appeals to me; this gives me more scope for freedom and individuality in each piece I create.

I love it when old and new are combined, it’s like beginning a new chapter, starting over with a new point of view. Finding inspiration is easy for me and I am constantly changing and evolving as an artist. I love trying new methods and mediums, and I always have an eye open for inspiration, I tend to let each piece grow itself and tell me what it wants to be.....That is just so exciting to me.

What inspires your creations?

I find inspiration everywhere, a piece could start from a colour or a single bead and it just starts to evolve. I have created pieces for weddings from a single strip of material or a picture of a dress or a piece of broken jewellery that once belong to their grandmother. I find people are a great inspiration, we all have our unique style and I love to try and capture this.

Give me 5 words to describe my style.

vintage - unique - evolving - funky - precious

What one tip would I give a bride planning her bling for the big day?
Less is best! 
It is important to enjoy wearing your jewels so you need to make sure they feel right but it is about the whole package, how the look comes together and when you need that special unique piece I would love to create something especially for you.

Are there any dreams for tahli by design that you'd like to share?

My dream is to continue growing my business. I really do love making jewellery and I hope to create a lot more custom made pieces for weddings and special occasions. I am currently looking at setting up a shop online and I am looking at doing an exhibition this year.

How can our readers find you?
The best place is the tahli by design facebook page plus I can be contacted by email at tahlibydesign@hotmail.com.

Jan 30, 2011

Sneak Peek from Yesterday; Sisters...

When I was a little girl, I really really wanted a sister. (I also wanted my name to be Lisa... and now I have a gorgeous sister-in-law named Lisa... but I digress!)

Now, I'm not sure if yesterday's bride also wanted to change her name - but I do know that she not lacking a sister.  She had FOUR!  And, yesterday, they all had a part in ensuring Jane was simply stunning on her big day.  Jane confided she never wears make-up, let alone a dress so this pampering was a whole new concept for her.

All day, I couldn't help but think how incredibly proud these girls' parents must have felt seeing all five  of their daughters walking up the isle together, and so very close.  It was such a pleasure to spend the day with these warm, gentle, elegant women.  What a very unique bond they share... plus great legs...  but more on those later!

Jan 26, 2011

Sneak Peek on Australia Day...

An incredibly sweet couple.  More from their wedding day soon but here's an Aussie  Bush-Wedding moment prepared just for Australia Day!

This photo was captured just a few minutes before a Dugite slithered over our Groom's shoes! 

For my non-Australian friends, a Dugite is a highly venomous snake somewhat less tolerant than other snakes and will be more likely to retaliate if interfered with.  Its about as Australian as it gets!

Jan 25, 2011

Mother and Daughter...

One of the lovely things about having a second portrait session with a family is to being able to see just how much kids have grown up.  Definitely the case with this family. 

Isn't Miss J so beautiful  - what a stunning role model she has!

Jan 24, 2011

Businesses I Adore ... Butterscotch Australia

I have been treated to the most gorgeous flower-girl dresses at recent wedding, & I often wish the dresses were made in my size!  What fun it would be to dress up as a princess for a day!

Just last month, Albany was blessed with the opening of a tantalising new home-wares & children's clothing boutique - Butterscotch Australia.  So, we now have a gorgeous supply of flower-girls dresses right on our doorstep!
I chatted with the owner of this business, Caroline Higgins, while her little princesses modelled some stunning dresses for me.  I went home with a case of  hair-envy which matched nicely with my dress-envy.

Caroline, tell us a little bit about Butterscotch Australia...
Butterscotch is a hidden little gem. We aspire to bring beautiful home & children’s products to our gorgeous clients, and we want them to walk away feeling a little bit special after they have shopped with us!

What inspired you to open the shop?
I love decorating my home with unique products and also dressing my children in beautiful clothing, and I believed there was a missing gap in Albany’s market place that needed filling!

What 5 words best describe your service philosophy?
special - friendly - individual - helpful - unique

What one tip would you give any bride planning their flower-girl's outfit?
Choose a Classic, Pretty, Stylish dress that can be worn again. And remember that a simple dress can look great with gorgeous accessories such as flowers, butterflies or jewellery.

Any dreams for the future of Butterscotch that you can share? 
At the moment we are expanding with a website and in the future we hope to move to a bigger premise and open more stores in WA.

How can our readers find out more about Butterscotch Australia?
Come into our gorgeous store at Shop 3 Mews Arcade, 140 York Street, Albany or check out our Facebook page – Butterscotch Australia. Website launching February.

Jan 22, 2011

Life in Margs...

I'm just back from a week's break with the family - batteries all re-charged & full, ready for the next three months of crazy wedding fever, starting today at Maitraya.

While away, I had the chance to catch the Otto Family at home in Margaret River.  We'd originally planned a shoot at the beach but it was good to see that Margaret River also had a taste of the winds that have been hammering Albany over the last month or so.  With the beach a no-go-zone, instead, I captured a-day-in-the-life at their gorgeous home.

It was a bit of a special treat to photograph this family as Master H is my Godson... isn't he handsome, just like his spunky dad!

Jan 11, 2011

Gone Fishing...

I'm taking leave for a week.

I'll be back on Wednesday 19th Jan bursting with energy!

Gillian + Leon, 8 January 2011 {wedding}

Photos & slide show

This was, without doubt, THE most chilled-out, laid-back, relaxed wedding I have ever been to! 

But I knew it would be.  After meeting Gillian + Leon for the first time, it was clear that they were getting married for the party, not for the fuss.

They were married at Gillian's parent's cattle stud near Albany, & most of the guests were from the bush, so it goes without saying that they would be married in the middle of the paddock under a eucalypt, with their nearest & dearest... and that's all that mattered.  

Gillian + Lean told me they were drawn to my work because I have a soft spot for photographing dogs... and granted, their four-footed-groomsman paid a significant role in this wedding.  Below is Gillian + Leon's Barnie sporting a freshly clipped coat & bow-tie, looking very dapper.  Max & Digger, farm dogs, were also guest.
The dogs were over-shadowed, for a moment, with the appearance of the Hot Rods...

... a major distraction, errr, I mean attraction!
 Ahem... back to the main attraction... 

It was a stunning afternoon.  It has been blowing a gale here in Albany for days, but something magical happened for Gillian + Leon.
We had to have some photos with the cows... and the hay.
And then it was time for the party!
Proud Nan...
 A fun night by all reports!

And now Gillian & Leon prepare for the-honeymoon-to-beat-all-honeymoons!   This one has no fixed return date.  The couple are off around Australia, indefinitely, at the end of this week.  It is safe to say I am insanely jealous!

For more from this big day, check out the slide show.

Danah + Tim, 1 January 2011 {wedding}

Photos & Slideshow

I got the call from Tim last year. 

He was excited.  They had set the date, and it was 1.1.11.  

And I promised him the weather would be a balmy 32 degrees with a gentle sea breeze.  He wanted a guarantee or his money back.   Well, it was closer to 40 degrees.  But this couple were as cool as cucumbers!
Danah & the girls spent the day in the sanctuary of the Sheraton (which changed its name that day, just like Danah!)


The boys slipped in a few cooling ales by the river at the Left Bank  - they were so relaxed that they left without the corsage below. (Is there a more blokey name for "corsage"?  I must find out).  Some ingenious family member managed to find a rose bush near the church ,along with a pin to attach - the Bride was none-the-wiser until after the Ceremony.  Phew - close call!

The bagpiper played "Auld Lang Syne" to mark the beginning of the year -and the beginning of Danah + Tim's married life.
Perth's St Mary's Cathedral is simply serene since its renovations - light streamed in (a photographer's dream) while the thick walls & high ceilings were better than any air-conditioner.  And Danah seemed to float in from the warm outside haze.  Tim was waiting.

Our photo location, right on the river at Mosman Park provided another escape from the heat - and from reality - it was like stepping into the set of "Casablanca".  

And Danah slipped into the role played by Ingrid Bergman without any coaxing! I've never seen such a smitten Groom!

Then off to Matilda Bay for another view of the City across the water, just as the sun was setting.

A wave for the wedding guests back at the restaurant...
 Danah's attention to detail was quite something - tiny cut crystal vases were scatted throughout the venue - different flowers in each - I can't imagine the hours of planning that were involved.  And you gotta love that cake!

A truly stunning location for a wedding.  The prefect ending to a perfect day.  Thank you Danah + Tim - it may have been a bit warm for this southern gal, but I enjoyed every minute. Thank to Ben Reynolds again for assisting.

For more, here's a slide show.

Jan 9, 2011

Sneak Peek; Yesterday's Farm Wedding

The best thing about my job is the variety. 

Last weekend I was shooting a cathedral wedding in the City.   This weekend it was  a simple ceremony in the middle of a paddock - literally!  The photo on the left is of the groomsmen, Barnie and Max - two  very handsome creatures dressed in bow-ties (and  nothing else!) 

We had the most stunning afternoon out at the Bride's family farm, as you can see form the clear skies.  I look foward to sharing more  from this day with you soon!

Jan 7, 2011

Morocco in Mosman Park...

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to have access to a magnificent family home to use as the backdrop for Tim + Danah's New Years day wedding.  

Mrs Wenn is a very talented interior designer  - I was in awe of her style - sooo eclectic & original.   I'd like to thank the Wenns for their generosity + hospitality with a montage of some of their home along with their beautiful grandaughter.

I can't wait to show you some more of this stunning wedding!

Sneak Peek from New Years Day...

I can't help myself from smiling along with this bride - she was loving every minute of her big day.  Can you tell?

Jan 4, 2011

Jade + Andy, 18 December 2010 {wedding}

Photos & slide show

They are a truly stunning couple.  

Jade is petite & Audrey-Hepburn-ish, & radiates exquisite style. 
Andy, a pro-sailor, is windswept & sun-kissed (& apparently a bit salty after a morning surf at Ocean Beach).

They made a breathtaking bride & groom.  They were married in St Leonard's, Denmark, & had their reception at Forest Hill Vineyard.

Without doubt the best wedding speeches I have ever heard.  Even the Priest was hilarious (although I wasn't sure if this was intentional - the speech was about making babies??)  It was such a pleasure to be part of Jade & Andy's day.  Here's a bit of a glimpse, plus a slide-show at the bottom.

Thanks again to my brother, Ben Reynolds, for helping me capture this wedding.