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One lazy day in 2009, I decided to embark on a photo-a-day-for-a-year challenge. I set myself a goal to upload a different photo every day - some are of my gorgeous clients, some are of my ever obliging family and friends.

Well, I reached the end of the challenge year, and while I didn't quite succeed at a photo-a-day, this blog became part of my weekly routine.

And so I continue...at a new location.


Jun 7, 2011

Tenele+ Toby, 19th March 2011 {wedding}

I always love a "Wignalls Wedding".   I think I squealed with excitement when Tenele + Toby first met with me to discuss their plans.  There are so many fabulous photo locations at this venue, and coupled with Albany's magical March weather, a very sweet couple and a fun bridal party (check out the kung-fu action below) we were set for a perfect day. 

Thanks to my brother, Ben Reynolds for helping me capture Tenele + Toby's day. (Toby, I loved your observation about Ben + I appearing to be in competition to catch THE best shot - we keep each other on our toes. We did get a bit excited about that last light through the trees!)

Check out more of Tenele + Toby's big day in this slideshow...

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