About this blog...

One lazy day in 2009, I decided to embark on a photo-a-day-for-a-year challenge. I set myself a goal to upload a different photo every day - some are of my gorgeous clients, some are of my ever obliging family and friends.

Well, I reached the end of the challenge year, and while I didn't quite succeed at a photo-a-day, this blog became part of my weekly routine.

And so I continue...at a new location.


Oct 14, 2012

Sneak Peek; Cassey + Sean... {wedding}

Cassey + Sean didn't let a bit of rain get in the way of their big day yesterday.

When I commented to Sean that he looked like the happiest man alive, Cassey, also smiling from ear to ear, laughed "And so he should!"
Love it - you're in for a blissful married life if this is your attitude! Here's a sneak peek for you...